e-Travel was founded in 2007 by its current CEO Nikos Goulis
and the chairman to date Filippos Kotsis.

Since 2014, David Roche joined as a non-executive Director.
e-Travel is a privately held, self-funded and profitable company.

Founder of e-Travel.
Shell Europe IT Consultant.
Athens2004 Marketing executive.
Founding President of
the Greek e-Commerce Association.
Also launched moneyexpert.gr, logotypon.com and
Bachelor in Business Administration
from University of the Aegean.

Nikos Goulis

Early investor & Co-Founder.
Currently devoting 80% of his time
to the company, where he negotiates leading supplier and
partnership contracts.
Previously founded and invested
in multiple business ventures,
from steel and non-ferrous metals trading
to an internet sports portal.
Studied Math in the US and
Economics at Athens University.

Filippos Kotsis

Non-Executive Director in e-Travel,
contributing regularly to strategic &
operational decision making.
Spent 10 years in Expedia Inc., and more
than half of this time on Expedia’s Executive
Committee President of Hotels.com, also ran
all of Expedia Inc.’s lodging supply business.
Board member of Scout24, and Executive Chairman of goHenry.
BA from Trinity College Dublin in Mathematics, Insead MBA

David Roche